The brief takes place on site at the clients home where we can discuss your ideas and needs for the garden. I will undertake a site analysis from which I can write up a detailed report outlining the current state of the site and your requirements. I will use this report to refer to throughout the design process.


Every site will need a survey to be able to create an accurate design. For simple sites that process can be carried out by myself, however, more complex or much larger gardens will need a surveyor. If you have existing up to date and well detailed surveys they can be used.


Using the report and survey I will produce a detailed plan, this will outline my design intentions and materials for review and approval. If necessary, to assist with understanding the design, I can also provide hand drawn 3d visualisations in the form of axonometric, isometric or perspective drawings.

The outline plan will need to be fully approved to allow me to go on and provide the information needed for a contractor to commence work.


Once the outline plan has been fully approved I will produce a final package including approved outline plan, planting plan and any relevant construction drawings. These documents can be used to obtain accurate quotes from contractors and allow them to commence the build.


The final detailed package is used to obtain an accurate quote for the build. It is sent out to 2 or 3 contractors who will all require a site visit so they can provide you with accurate information. This is useful to the client as they can meet the contractors in person and get an idea of potential working relationships. I can recommend trusted landscapers who will produce the work to the highest standard.


If required, I can monitor the build. I will organise regular site visits with the contractor to make sure the design is being fulfilled and to the highest standard. This also allows me to make revisions to the design should they be needed during the build process.

I can also be available for the planting - I will work with the landscaper on the day to make sure each plant is in the best possible position making adjustments accordingly.


For the first couple of years it is vital the plants are maintained correctly to allow them to establish successfully. I can produce a detailed maintenance schedule specific to your garden that will outline month by month the requirements for the garden. I am more than happy to arrange further site visits after completion to make sure everything is establishing as it should.